Xunzhuo Liu (刘训灼)

Xunzhuo Liu (刘训灼)

About Me

Open Source Enthusiast. Software Engineer. CNCF Ambassador . Linux Foundation Open Source Evangelist.

Focusing on API Gateway, Service Mesh, Kubernetes Networking.


Currently part of the Tencent Kubernetes Engine team, involved in the development of the k8s access layer, including the design and implementation of the in-cluster service controller and ingress controller.

Focusing on the design, implementation, and migration of Tencent inner business and public cloud Kubernetes multicluster layer 4 and layer 7 traffic solutions, as well as the future evolution towards Gateway API and MCS API for API Gateway.

Worked on Service Mesh at Tencent Cloud Mesh Team, developing Istio based Service Mesh.

Worked at GDP API Gateway Team at Tencent Games, developing Envoy based API Gateway.


Steering Committee Member of Envoy Gateway .

Maintainer of EnvoyProxy , Istio , Kiali , Aeraki-Mesh and Merbridge .

Committer of Mosn and Higress .

Member and Reviewer of Kubernetes Gateway API and Kubernetes Ingress2Gateway .

Member of Kubernetes , Kubernetes-SIGs and Kubevela .

Founder of Envoy Gateway Community of China.

Owner of UESTC and Chengdu No.7 High School .

Member of Cloud Native Community in China .


Major in Software Engineering in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China .

Started coding by Olympiad in Informatics in Chengdu No.7 High School in Linyin Road.

In my opinion, love is the best teacher for everything. It is far better than responsibility.